Picking Out an Enagagement Ring

Most men fear the moment when they need to pick an engagement ring. And for good reason too. Most men don’t have the habit of buying jewellery, especially the kind that needs to knock the person you are giving it to off her feet. But it’s not all that bad, as you can pick out the right diamond engagement ring by knowing a thing or two about jewellery and paying attention to the things she likes. We can help you with the knowledge part, as for the paying attention, well, that’s entirely up to you Diamond Rings.

The basics
There are several terms that you need to know when buying engagement rings. You probably know some of them already, but just in case here they are. The circular part of the ring that goes around the finger is called a band. It’s usually made of metals such as silver or gold, but there are platinum engagement rings as well. The band can be made by combining these metals. You should check if your beloved is allergic to some of these metals and be sure to avoid them when buying a ring. Part of the diamond ring which holds the diamond in place is called setting. Setting can be made from platinum for strength and combined with gold. If the ring will be worn by a very active person, it could be wise for the ring to have more prongs, so that the diamond won’t fall out. Next thing is the centerpiece of most rings for engagement, and that is the diamond. There are 4 things to look for in the diamond. Carat is the size of the diamond. The more carats a diamond has, the bigger it is. As size is not everything, on diamond engagement rings the thing that also matters is the cut. Cut defines the way the diamond sparkles and reflects light. There are different cuts, but princess cut engagement rings are most often.  Color and clarity are the last two C’s you need to pick on a diamond. Diamonds of flawless clarity and color are the most expensive. Most diamonds however have some type of hue on them. Price will vary depending on the color of the hue Diamond Ring.

Where to buy it
If you already know a good jeweler that you used before, than you won’t have much problems with this step. If you’re in no such luck, you could always ask your married or engaged friends for advice. Of course, you could go and shop online if you prefer, but we would still advise going directly to the jewellery store. That way you can discuss any special requests you may have with the jeweler, and they will give you some feedback and recommendations of their own. If you’re from England, we would suggest visiting Birmingham and their famous Birmingham Jewellery Quarter. You’re sure to find quality craftsmen that offer diamond rings at fair prices there Diamond Engagement Rings.

The purchase
If you found the ring you like, than purchase it. If you were in no such luck, you could consider buying her a temporary ring and take her shopping for the one she likes. Some women prefer to pick their own ring, so that could be a mutual win. When you purchase a ring, check the stores return policy, as some have none and others have a 24 hour return policy. A 30 day one would be preferred, as buying a ring is a significant investment Diamond Engagement Ring.